No Form Study

Numerology Horse Selection System


This system has been formulated using 12 months data of races in UK


Can be employed for a fun day or Saturday  System
of course any day is ok to use this system.

Simply Follow the rules and Method and either Win Or Place Bet Selections that qualify

It really is an easy system to Operate

I have had winners up to 8/1

You can employ a STOP at £Profit CUT OUT

OR same on each Course as you profit you stop at that course

It sounds too good to be true Yet Consistantly it works like magic

IT WORKS On All Courses/ Tracks Worldwide

Here is One of my Many emails of thanx

This member is in Australia

On 2014-03-03 08:54, neil wrote:

Hi John

Always enjoy your ideas and systems.

This maybe difficult sometimes to use on UK for me as mentioned before

due to timezones etc.

but actually works for all countries as you advertised.

Tried it on the Australian racing today ,as we have a public holiday

in West Aus.

Bet $2 win , $2 place  on selections


Backed 3 in Race 2 and Won as 2nd favourite paying $4.35 win  : $1.50 place

Won :  $7.70

Stopped at this venue


Backed 5 in Race 2 and Won as 3rd favourite pays $ 5.50 Win ; $ 2.20 Place

Won $ 11.40

Stopped at this venue


As it turned out only one race did horse 4 meet the first 4 in beting criteria

and was unplaced .

Lost  :  $4.00

Not a bad start :  Up  $15.10 on first day  ( paid for system ) .

Might be beginners luck , but looks a great bit of fun.

many thanks , keep the methods coming



OK NO System Works Every Time
But Providing you stick to the rules you should Make a £profit
If thats what you want OR USE as a Fun Betting System, Its Up To YOU

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