These Systems have been created from 25 years experience in system building and horse racing betting.
They are the best of the best available, with full help support, for the asking, full instructions and with some, videos are available also with your purchase.

They have been created with fun and profitmaking  capabilities in mind.

My Fav-Assessor has just had a birth day it is 9 years old and still works just as well

So to celibrate its success ,I am going to Offer it for a low low price, I

I was going to STOP selling it as I have brought out an UPDATED Version
Called ''Super Selector'' , this has been discounted from £39.99 and has same engine as  ORIGINAL, as some may prefere original others will prefere new version, I am going to give you a chance to have both and see which version you

NEW Superselector
          Is Pure
This comes with Open Office Spreadsheet complete with link to free open office  and an  Excell sheet, if you have Office.
So you can try both and see which one you prefer, This is a very Limited  OFFER, Simply Click  on link below and go to, right now will open in a new window.
NEW for 2016
Assessor Super Selector Platinum
You will get ORIGINAL and Superselector upgrade to try as well as the Best one the UPgrade all for special price for 5 lucky people, plase click below