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I mean Odds from 4 to 140 on Betfair
My ''NEW''  Make money all year ( 2015)
Works on Horses & Greyhounds
How to Get Decent Odds and make money all year
System page 43
NOW with Forecast Magic 2 addon How you can make £200+ Some Days
4 runner races I often get Odds of 60plus and have had nearly 200 or 199/1
Could YOU do with some of that ?
Check this out below £533.50 in 4days
Monday 20th April Odds 120=119/1   50p Bet =£59.50  TAXFREE
Tuesday 21st April Odds 65=64/1   £2 Bet =£128  TAXFREE
Sunday  19th April  Odds  36=35/1      £2 Bet = £70 TAXFREE
Sunday  19th April  Odds  38=37/1      £1 Bet = £37 TAXFREE
Sunday  19th April  Odds  140= 139/1      £1 Bet = £139 TAXFREE
Bonus Item MINI CALC ,openoffice & Excell
Simple Formula using Betfair  Bot
Can do Forcasts on any bookie site of your choice or do what I do use betfair
Takes seconds to find your selections NO FORM or hard work involved, Does NOT require the racing post. or any other site all you need is the bot , I give you the Link YOU place the bets NOT the bot.
For Horses & Greyhounds
Get Bigger Odds betting on 2 horses or hounds even if 1 is odds on.
Betting 2xforcast (reverseforcasts)
OR sometimes a Multi bets as below
Get upto   79/1 =80 on Betfair
Example  Below    75 on Betfair=74/1   10x reverse forcasts
£2.80 total stake        50p Bet @ 74 =£37    -£2.30=£34.70 Profit

Example below 29 onbetfair
Example below of a 28/1=29 on betfair £1.50 bet = £42
Bettfair statement picture below
Saturday 13th December
All my bigger wins odds
£2.50bet @13.5 = £33.75
Bettfair statement picture below
£1.50Bet @29  =£42.00
50p Bet @75  =£37    YES 75 decimal
£2.25 @14.5= £32.63
£6 Bet   @18.5 = £111
After I take away all losing bets
Including some silly horse win bets and a bad mistake, yes it happens to me sometimes too.
I am £165 up
NOTE   I start at 10p bets
See Bonuses below
Forecast magic rpgreyhound Method2 video and Calc Sheets
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Wednesday 22nd April  44 and 55 odds=£97 Gross TAXFREE
Wednesday 22nd April  17.5 odds=£17 Gross TAXFREE
Latest WIN   SUNDAY 12TH JULY  WHILE watching Federer and Djokovic
Typical 5 runner race with ODDS on fav
2 Forcasts  1 & 4   and 4 & 1       1=1st 4 = 2nd
A quick £120 Profit