System 57   New Service may 2016
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Hi Profitpunter here I am very pleased to announce a NEW Win bet Selection Service, It has taken me 3 years to get a good friend of mine to allow us to have his selections.
He has been rather protective shall I say of his selections, But I have managed to co partner him
and be able to share what can only be described as fantastic selections, his results have proved to me that he is a wizard of his art.

He has made in last 12 months I have seen proof an amazing £400,000, this is no misprint

Of course he started from small beginnings £100 bank but now he is rolling in cash.


Introducing Master Class Selections.

He does NOT want his name to be shown infact he wants to be totally invisible, so he has allowed me
To partner him , in offering this service to my Members, you can either JOIN on his site, one i have put up on his behalf, he charges £95+ for 6 months or he offers 12 months subscription

You do get a system from him to the value of his 6 months subscription, because it is based on trust.
YOU WILL ONLY GET HIS SYSTEM IF YOU PAY £95 for 6 months or go 12 months from his site clickhere

However he is allowing me to charge my members HE DID ORIGINALY LIMIT HOW MANYbut I have managed a deal
for YOU my members of 3Months Subscription service for £25
From this my site ONLY.

Which is a great deal, please take advantage of it.
we may never get the chance again.
and the price WILLNOT GO UP

We do not give money back guarntees but I will allow you IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED with the results, systems to th evalue of your subscription costs OK.

You Will get alogin on the main site
PLUS DAILY Selections sent by mail, to save you time.

Allow up to 3 hours for your personal Login to site ,I will personally
send you the login.

Click on the SECURE Button Below
£25 for 3 Months Subscription
This  auto renews every 3 months at same price and WILLNOT GO UP, you can cancell at any time, by mailing me or cancelling at paypal