These Systems have been created from 25 years experience in system building and horse racing betting.
They are the best of the best available, with full help support, for the asking, full instructions and with some, videos are available also with your purchase.

They have been created with fun and profitmaking  capabilities in mind

Thankyou for visiting this page my names John my members know me as John and Profitpunter , a old friend of mine who wishes to be be anonymous, has allowed me to sell his 50years experience, Methods and Gold dust system, to you,I have called this all Gold dust because it is.

When he asked me to write this well put it together in a book so too speak I did not realize, it would be so vast, I realize now at over 80 my friend wants to pass on his knowledge.

He has been a first class Pro and for years I have asked him how he does what he does, its only now he is allowing me
that privilege.

I have called him Pro1, because over the years he has built
a huge betting bank , well split between at least 10 accounts.
and I know for a fact his best year, made him over £400,000
that is not a misprint, £400,000 Profit.
He has had great cars a lovely and holidays over the years
But like he said he does not drive any more ,he gets driven.
his eyes are not so good now.

One of our chats about this project was what to call it, he said why not call it Gold dust after his system, ok
and I said how much do you think it is possable to make using all the methods in the book, it possable to make £50,000 ayear with out doubt, it does depend on bank of course and aquiring the nessasary ''Edge'', he also shows how that can be helped along , amazing guy.

We are actually getting 16Methods /Systems + ''GoldDust '' System, that is 17 Systems and more, originally ithought there was 12 which is huge enough, but no there is 17 WOW.
Might be slightly less pages when sorted
1 Method Only is is a Lay Selection System
Its a Corker of a system                 13 and LUCKY
This  is what I can only describe as a ''Package''and what a package, I told him hes overdone it but as he says he wants people to  go through them and he is wise enough to know that all of us relate differently, so imean there is no way you could work every system same day lol, but to choose which 2 3 or 4 you like best and use them, but I am telling you they all rock.
Ok next I asked how much  do you want me to charge , I put a value on it of £1995 , but I mean no way, he said well Minimum he will accept is
£99.75 get the System, which actually has turned out his lifetimes work, for FREE.

Any one Purchasing the Complete works 16
methods / Systems+Golddust system, for
IIve told him they should be, because his methods and systems ''Rock''.and Roll''.

There is NO Money back Guarntee, Why,well I have been in this
Field for nearly 30 years, so my good standing is important to me as are all my customers/ Members, Trust me this is a bargain, and if you really dont like it talk to me, please, I want the best for you in systems and in Life.

There Is one Problem
ONLY 50 Copies are to be sold First come first served

Also he is insisting which is far only My Members can purchase at this price

NON Members  
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Members £99.75
Non members  £125
He want as many people to be able to purchase his methods, and so he is allowing me to sell this over 7 Parts SCROLL DOWN
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Part1   Method /System 1 &2    for  £7
Part2   Method /System 3 & 4   for £10
Part3   Method /System 5 & 6   for £10
Parts 4-5-6  Method /System 7-8-9-10
  for £15
Part7-8-9  Method /System 11-12-13 
for £15
Part10  Method /System 15-16
for £12

Part12-13  Method /System 15-16
for £10
Part11 Method /System  14 GolddustLay
System for £19
Part12 Method /System 18 GoldDust
System for £29
(All= total£117, you can save £17.25 purchasing all a once)
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£10  Purchase today
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