The RPNBF System

(Beaten Favourite)

well 2 sytems in one, gives you

Win or place Selections  and Lay selections

Product Features

I find it very profitable

I have been off and on making  this system over a few years now

But the Wait is worth while, gives me horses up to 5/1 have had bigger

The plan is Win bets odds evs to 11/4, Place selections bigger odds

and Lay selections from 2/1


I have been trialing  profitpunters bf system and this last month given me 12 profit bets including 3 lays, I recomend adding to your betting armoury

John shalper  = Australia


Im a lay bet man but when john asked me to try this out I jumped at it and it s

 has increased my profit, so yes I RECOMMEND it you all who reads this

Roger Smith  = London


NOTE from profitpunter

I gave this to my wife to see if a non gambler could implement it she done great.

     Read below

I Made £75 in my first 2 weeks by double my bets amount after a loss, I am  hooked.

 aileen (mrs profitpunter) =Scotland


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